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Air Purifier: A Complete Guide!

  Air pollution has contributed to a size-able number of premature deaths as well as increased clinic visits from those stricken by respiratory ailments. The impact of air pollution has hit daily lives and not just those with ailments. A recent IIT study suggests in India, air pollution causes over half a million premature deaths...
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10 Secrets of the Wonder Juice – Wheatgrass!

Before we get started, what exactly is wheatgrass? If you sprout wheat berries until they grow into green chlorophyll-filled stalks, you get wheatgrass. Wheatgrass contains a ton of antioxidants, has more vitamin C than oranges, is a complete source of protein and is rich in B-complex vitamins. Wheatgrass is the poster child for juicing and shots...
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7 Essential SuperFoods to Survive Summers!

Summer is not the time for wasting the day away in bed or committing to a Netflix marathon. Summer is the time to get up, get out, and spend your days gymming, swimming, biking, and keeping up with a full season of activities. You can try caffeinating your way through the day with coffee or...
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Detox: Do It Yourself

detoxification, detox, home ready, detox raesolution, stay fit, how to stay healthy, healthy life, fitness, exercise, green tea, detox plan
It is January and the second word that makes the most rounds after resolution is detox. After a month full of parties it is perhaps the best time to clean out all the toxins from accumulated in the body. Detoxification can be expensive & not to forget – time consuming. If you’re a person who...
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17 Tips For A Healthier & Fitter 2017

health tips, fitness tips, 2017, how to stay health, how to live a fit life.
Getting fit is probably one of the most common resolution amongst the masses & gym owners are the ones who truly benefit out of it. It is important for you to understand fitness can’t be brought at gyms but it is achieved over the time when you grow towards it consistently. So if your goal...
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6 SuperFoods You Should Include In Your Diet

Superfood: Food products that are extremely healthy for you because of the overall composition of proteins, antioxidants, vitamins & nutrients present in them. Not all heroes wear capes: or it would’ve been hard to imagine these foods with capes however their nutrition value makes them rise above the rest, one of them has also reached the...
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Finding The Right Jar Of Honey Made Easy

best honey, natural sweetener, choosing the right honey,
Honey is sweet but is sweetness all you seek from it? Honey has many medicinal properties from treating a sore throat to increasing one’s athletic performance. It is also known to reduce the risk of heart diseases & also some types of cancer since the high content of antioxidants present in it. However in today’s...
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Protein Sources: Vegan Edition

pumpkin seeds, protein source, vegan,
Being vegan can be difficult especially when you’ve friends who are always trying to convince you that chicken is a more delicious and protein-packed version of paneer. Well it is difficult to tell whether you should switch to chicken or not but you can find the protein powerhouses in your food horizon too. Spinach: 2.9*...
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Dengue: Prevention & Cure

papaya leaves, papaya plant, papaya tree, natural remedies
It’s that time of year where we see unfortunate rise in Dengue among the population. It is caused when one is bitten by an infected mosquito and can really cause a lot of trouble once tested positive. You should take the precautions for a healthy living. Dengue causes untimely high fever, vomiting, nausea, break-down of the...
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7 Things You Should Do to stay fit while at office

being healthy at office, office life, fitness employs,
It’s a known urban fact, people spend more time in their offices than their homes. Countless hours sitting on their chairs and being hooked to their computer screens is the common setup. If you are an office-goer you might relate to healthy snacking, hunching, back and shoulder problems, reduced energy levels, stress among other things....
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