The Story About Us

We are Shaan Marker and Zubin Nalawalla – friends, co-workers and gym buddies. We are ably supported by a truly amazing team that consists of Nutritionists, Health Gurus and Retail marketing experts from United Kingdom and India.

We understand you have a desire to be healthy. We understand you wish you could take care of the environment in your own simple ways. That’s coz you are nice. And so are we. We’ve worked with conscious folk like yourselves over the past few years and have sourced some of the finest health and lifestyle products from across Asia. Taking care of yourself and the environment is like the same side of a coin.

 We facilitate adopting health, natural and organic products as a simple lifestyle shift than shake up your habits altogether. From the organic farms of Maharashtra to the cool land of Kashmir, from tea farms of Japan to desert fruits of Oman we have got you the right mix to get started to get not just Green, but SuperGreen!

We Are SuperTeam!

Zubin Nalawalla


Shaan Marker


Kiran Jadhav


Girish Khaire