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About Us

SuperFit in an Integrative Health, Fitness and Wellness company that provide health & fitness, products & services, that help its members stay healthy.
SuperFit will focus on providing information and offering solutions that help people thrive in urban cities.
Our goal, is to mitigate some of the major health risks that are part of living in congested cities like air & water pollution, radiation from mobile towers, sedentary lifestyles, depleted nutrient density and increased chemical content in our diet, lack of open spaces, stress and anxiety. We work towards offering curated, verified cutting edge solutions. Rather than providing a long list of products, we recommend the best product for you.
We understand that not everything works in all geographical contexts. We look to the world as a resource but are rooted in India. We work hard to verify claims and efficacy so you don’t have to. We wade through trials and research so that you benefit from the best available out there. We strive to understand you and make customised recommendations.
Other than our website, we have physical presence in the form of stores/kiosks at Mumbai, Indore, Trichy, Gurgaon and Guwahati. Very soon we plan to open more stores in Pune, Bengaluru, Kolkata and more places.


Shaan Marker: Co-Founder
Shaan has a highly individual approach to personal training, nutrition and overall wellness. As a co founder Shaan is very excited to be part of Super Trainers, Superfits very own line of personal trainers. His personal journey into fitness began with eating organic food, playing squash and training in over 36 gyms worldwide. That process shaped his philosophy in life, which is “unleash the Super in you!” Shaan has coached people of all levels, from the state level squash & rugby players to beginners; to have physical and emotional strength and live a life of good health.
Contact: Shaan@superfit.asia


Zubin Nalawalla: Co-Founder
Zubin Nalawalla has over 12 years experience in Digital media across Social Media, Search Marketing, Client relationships and Strategy execution. His past work associations have been at Google, DraftFCB, Edelman among others. He Co-Founded LIQVD ASIA, the region’s first digital experiential marketing company in 2013. Zubin is equally driven by digital and fitness – both which drive equal passion in his life.
When Zubin is not charting digital plans or bench pressing, he is behind the mic as an RJ on Mumbai’s FM radio.
Contact: Zubin@superfit.asia




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