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HealthAid Juniorvit


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Made in UK.

A very effective chewable multivitamin with tutti-frutti flavour for children above the age of 2 years

JuniorVit Tablets are designed to combat today’s modern lifestyle where children are often subjected to fast food diets, which may lack vital supplements or are not nutritionally well balanced. Junior-Vit Tablets are specially formulated to help provide many of the extra vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed for helping to maintain your child’s healthy growth and development.

Flavour: Tutti Frutti.


Product Description

JuniorVit Tablets may benefit:

  • Children who don’t obtain sufficient nutrients due to poor eating habits
  • Children lacking energy due to poor sleeping patterns and anxiety
  • Children who have difficulty swallowing tablets
  • Athletic children or those who do regular sporting activities at school
  • Children on medication or those recovering from illness
  • Children who generally lack mental stimulation, focus and concentration

When Should I Take JuniorVit Tablets?

Junior-Vit Tablets can be taken on a daily basis for general good health and wellbeing, boosting the immune system, providing energy and strength whilst supporting mental focus and concentration

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    Who Should Use HealthAid Aloe Vera High Potency Cream?

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    • Those who experience itchy skin caused by skin allergies and irritation
    • People with skin burns
    • Those who experience psoriasis
    • People with sunburns
    • Those with skin conditions such as eczema

    HealthAid Aloe Vera High Potency Cream is Free From:

    • Parabens, sulphates, propylene glycols, PEGS, TEA
    • Artificial colours or fragrances
    • Animal based products or animal testing
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