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For people looking to make healthy choices while not compromising on taste, FlaxMax Flaxseed Masala is an excellent lifestyle choice. It consists of 75% ground flaxseeds mixed with Indian spices to give you the nutritional benefits that your body needs.

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Product Description

We are proud to bring you FlaxMax, your daily fix for a healthy lifestyle. Blended with best quality flaxseeds and spices, this wholesome Flaxseed Masala Mix is made to enhance your everyday meals with great taste and nutritional benefits. FlaxMax is a masala mix that can be used in two ways: add on after cooking OR sprinkle on your food. Our versatile Flaxseed Masala Mix not only makes your food taste better but also improves its texture. It is a great source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Dietary Fibre and micronutrients.
For massive flavour that packs a healthy punch, add a few tablespoons of FlaxMax to your curries, bhels, dals, dhoklas, dosas, poha, popcorn, soups, sandwiches and more, the combinations are endless! 
Try FlaxMax: 

  • In your dals and curries by adding 2-3 full tbsp to a portion that serves 4 just before serving
  • Sprinkled on your popcorn, sandwich, makhana and bhel during snack time
  • In a quick yogurt dip when you add FlaxMax to hung curd and mix
  • Masala Chaas? No need to grind several different masalas, just add one tbsp FlaxMax to one glass for the perfect taste
  • Craving a masala roti? Add FlaxMax to your dough to spice things up

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