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DesiVidesi Sundried Chikoo


CHIKOO. CHO CHWEET. Long – long ago a fruit called Sapodilla travelled from the coasts of Mexico to India.
Us Indians couldn’t bear this round – sweet tasting fruit being called something so nasty!
Using our desi powers of inventive pet names, we named this fruit, Chikoo.
Since then Chikoo has been sweetening our summers for centuries.
Specifications – 1. Dried – Not Fried
2. Zero Cholestrol, Zero Transfat, Zero Gluten,Vegan
3. Excellent Source of Vitamins and Minerals
4. Contains the Goodness of 20 Fresh Chikoo


Product Description

Benefits –
1.High Fibre Content makes DesiVidesi Sundried Chikoo very good for digestion and treatment of constipation.
2. DesiVidesi Sundried Chikoo containsVitamin A and Vitamin C ensuring proper vision and helps maintain healthy skin & body
3. DesiVidesi Sundried Chikoo is an excellent source of minerals such as potassium, copper and iron
4. DesiVidesi Sundried Chikoo also consists of foliate and niacin acid. These vitamins and minerals help in making the body powerful,energetic and boosts immunity

Direction to use –
1. Perfect guilt-free Snack. Anywhere. Anytime.
2.Enjoy with your Breakfast Cereal, Curds, Leafy Salads, Breakfast Oats, Yoghurt, Ice-cream, Breakfast Dalia, Kheer, Custards etc
3. Excellent Post Workout Snack, Office Time Snack, While travelling or stuck in traffic. Comes in a very trendy zip-lock re-seable handy size pack for carrying in your bag, storing it in your car or enjoying it at home

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