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DesiVDesi Sun Dried Spinach Crisps


Spinach has zero point four percent fat. If that isn’t reason enough to get you digging it, then the zesty taste of our Tangy & Spicy Spinach Chips should get you drooling. Made with 100 % natural ingredients and the Leaf, these chips are free of preservatives and offer the same amount of nutrients, that too with flavours you had never imagined. Now they might not make you as strong as Popeye, but a better vision, a strengthened body, and a flawless skin- you gain all of it while you’re snacking. Not a bad deal, eh?


Product Description

Ingredients :- Spinach (98%), Garlic, Coriander, Tamarind, Salt, Cayenne Pepper, Cashew.

Weight :- 15 Grams

Store in Cool and Dry Place

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