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6 Grain Stix – Smokey BBQ


6 Grain Stix are super healthy and delicious roasted snacks made of healthy super grains.

Our Smokey BBQ flavour lends a rich , oaky warmth to the delectable mix of super grains . Now whet your appetite for anytime snacks with these delightful treats.

Ever wondered what happens when super grain like Oats , Ragi , Sorghum & Soya combine with flamboyant flavours? Well in just one word, it’s MAGIC for your taste buds, as well as your health.


Product Description

Ingredients – Maize , Oats , Ragi , Sorghum , Soya , Rice , Seasoning [ Sugar , Salt , Spices & Condiments (Chilli , Aniseeds , Mustard , Fenugreek ), Mango Powder ,  Acidity Regulators {Citric and Malic Acid },Maltodextrin , Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Anticaking Agent (Silicon Dioxide )], Edible Vegetable Oil ,Dehydrated Potato.

  • Ragi – Is a whole grain that is gluten-free and is also is rich in fiber , packed with calcium, ammino acids and Vitamin D and helps maintaining youthful skin.
  • Sorghum – Gluten free and Non Gmo , it is high in fiber , good source of antioxidants , and also balances blood sugar level .
  • Oats – Rich in carbs and fiber, and also have higher protein and fat than most other grains. They also help reduce the blood pressure.
  • Soya – Rich in proteins, helps boost body metabolism besides improving digestive and bone health , and lowering cholesterol level.
  • Maize – Rich source of calories , vitamins and minerals , it increases bone strength and boost immune system .
  • Rice -Provides fast and instant energy, regulate and improves bowel movements. It also helps stabilizing blood sugar levels, and slowing down the aging process.
  • Gluten Free
  • No added MSG & Preservative
  • Roasted
  • Good Source of Protein

Pack Size – 16cm * 19cm *6cm

Net Weight – 25gms

Shelf Life – 6 months

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