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Neutralise Wheat grass powder with roots


Benefits of our Wheatgrass powder:  Best Detoxifier, and helps in decrease of fat levels.  Helps in Controlling blood sugar level, BP, cholesterol, cancer and thyroid.  Improves Immunity, energy levels and revitalizes the body.  Improves digestion and controls acidity, helps for proper bowel movements.  Helps in anti greying of the hair, cure skin diseases, improves skin and muscle tone.  It provides the necessary vitamins, proteins, minerals, dietary fiber and chlorophyll.  Maintains the hemoglobin levels of blood.  Slows down the aging process.  Helps to improve the reproductive health of both men and women.  Helps to eliminate toothache and other mouth problems.  Helps to reduce body and joint pains and helps in faster wound recovery.


Product Description

“Why is the root of wheatgrass so important? From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the leaves of wheatgrass have a cooling effect, whereas the roots produce a heating effect. Combining both characteristics neutralizes the effect produced by each individually. Hence, our wheatgrass does not produce heat or cooling effect. From the scientific perspective, the root of wheatgrass is rich in nutrients, enzymes and active ingredients. Experiments shows that both roots and leaves contain many types of nutrients, which co-exist in synergistic proportion to form a balance and whole nutrition. They facilitate the absorption of nutrients. Active ingredients found in the root of wheatgrass, especially auxin, stimulate damaged cells to undergo cellular repair. Therefore, Wheatgrass is the simplest and most convenient way to increase vigor and boost immunity for the physically frail.
What is special about our wheatgrass powder? Hydroponic technology brings out the maximum nutrients in each blade of wheatgrass grown and it is pollution free, mold free and bacteria free all throughout the process. Our wheatgrass is grown in an enclosed hydroponic process. This allows us to grow our wheatgrass in a fully controlled environment where everything from the moisture, sun light and minerals fed to our wheatgrass is completely automated and controlled in a temperature-controlled clean room. The process also makes it possible to utilize the root which no other provider can give. The roots of wheatgrass contain 13 of the 17 amino acids of wheatgrass such as L-Arginine, Auxin, Abscisic Acid and other phytochemicals and minerals that can only be found in the roots. The root element of wheatgrass also makes it easy for consumption as there is a balance between the leaf and root element of wheatgrass. Common problems with just taking wheatgrass powder are nausea, dizziness and stomach pains. Isn’t fresh better than powdered? No. Hydroponic cultivation method allows us to produce 100% natural, 100% pollution free, 100% bacteria free and 100% safe wheatgrass. Common fresh wheatgrass sold in trays or juiced from the leaves may contain bacteria or molds trapped in the soil or could be exposed for long periods of time in polluted air or even air-borne viruses and bacteria from animals or people. Our wheatgrass is also harvested on the 7th day from growth. Research studies show that wheatgrass is at its most potent and healthy on the 7th day from planting or less than 20cm. Most other fresh wheatgrass sold in the market or juiced in juice bars may take more than 7 days before being cut and juiced for your consumption. Is our wheatgrass 100% natural and safe? Yes. We do not use any artificial chemicals, preservatives or other ingredients in this process. Wheatgrass growing processes form seed to shelf is closely monitored to ensure quality. Our wheatgrass is produced in pollution free, bacteria free and mold free environment, ensuring the cleanest possible wheatgrass in every packet. It is completely safe for consumption. Wheatgrass is a natural food, not medicine or a drug; there are no side effects or over dosages with our wheatgrass. Can we take wheatgrass powder together when we take other medicine? You can consume wheatgrass while taking other medicines because wheatgrass is same as other vegetables but we suggest you to take wheatgrass half an hour before you take any other medicine to get a good result. If a person has problem with kidney, we suggest them to take wheatgrass but for person who have kidney failure we do not suggest them to take wheatgrass. Could pregnant women consume wheatgrass? Pregnant women could consume Wheatgrass like they consume vegetables every day.
Directions of use: For wellbeing (3 months): Consume daily one spoon For general reasons (6 months): morning 2 spoons and evening 2 spoons For chronic (6-9 months): First 3 days- one spoon. 4th day onwards – morning, evening 2 spoons, 11th day onwards, morning, noon and evening 2 spoons. (1 spoon = 3 grams of wheatgrass powder) Please Note:  Always consume it empty stomach along with lukewarm water 30 minutes before or after you eat anything.  You may add honey for taste.  For complete effectiveness, consume for 6 months  There are no side effects to wheatgrass  You can take wheatgrass with other medicines  Along with consuming wheatgrass powder, drink plenty of water, exercise and sleep.”

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