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  • Pencil 2

    Grow Me Plantable Pencil


    “Pack of 10. (mix of herbs and veggies) Chilli, tomato, brinjal, lettuce, celery, sage, tulsi, dill, chives, coriander. Made from News paper, 100% wood free, sustainable and eco friendly, writing material is graphite and clay.
    The paper pencil has a seed bomb attached at the bottom edge of the pencil. Which when mixed with soil and water, activates and seeds start germinating.
    Once the pencil is too short to use, one can put the pencil bottom edge (orange cap), tip facing upward in the pot with soil and water it. The seed bomb activates and seeds will start germinating, within 7-10 days sprouts start appearing.
    Within a day or 2 one can remove the pencil from pot as it detaches the seed bomb once its mixed with soil and water. So one can even experiment this while the pencil is tall.
    So while the herbs and veggies grow you may use the pencil. Within 20-25 days enjoy fresh herbs and veggies. The Germination rate is 70% and shelf life is 9-12 months of the seed bomb.”

  • SuperFit Mug

    SuperFit Mug


    Your perfect companion to drink those healthy and nutritious Tea and Coffee that you buy from SuperFit.

    An excellent gift option as well. A nice way to proclaim that you are SuperFit indeed!


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