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  • Garcinia Herbal Coffee - 100 gms

    Herbal Hills – Garcinia Herbal Coffee – 100 gms


    – Enjoy the benefits of herb Garcinia in popular coffee flavour. Garcinia has been historically used as an aid in Weight Management and Triphala as a digestive cleanser and tonifier. Garcinia helps improve fat metabolism.
    – The dark rich flavour of Chicory (Kasni) is best known as a substitute for Coffee, but it is considered as a bitter digestive tonic and has diuretic properties.

  • Herbal Hills – Shatavari Herbal Coffee – 100 gms

  • coffee 2

    Organic ground Coffee


    India's finest organic shade grown Arabica & Robusta coffee varieties from southern states. Selected for their spicy notes and bold taste, all our coffees are sourced from plantations which engage in sustainable practices.

  • Smoky Falls Coffee Meghalaya

    Smoky Falls Coffee (Shillong Hills)


    Made in Meghalaya, (Khasi Hills, Shillong) with the finest quality handpicked hill coffee that is indigenous to this region, this medium roasted coffee brings you a brew rich in taste and aroma. The pack contains 100% pure coffee with no added colouring or preservatives.

    Medium roasted coffee exhibits balanced flavour, aroma and acidity. The Medium Roast have darker brown colour, with some aromatic oils visible on the surface of the freshly roasted beans. This roast profile is perfect for a cup of black coffee or milk coffee, where you can get the good aroma and taste the sweet flavourful aromatic characteristics of pure coffee.

  • coffee-copy

    SuperGreen Arabica Coffee


    A special blend consisting of ground 100% Arabica coffee beans from the cool summer hills of South India.

    To be filtered by stovetop, south India drip filter, paper drip filter, espresso machine or just pour hot water through a muslin cloth containing ground coffee.

    Surely one of the best coffee’s you would ever taste. Taste this fine coffee to believe it.


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